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Remedies - Green

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Remedies, Printed by USPC (United States Playing Card company) on their premium bee stock finish, from the dynamic duo of Daniel Madison and Daniel Schneider. The deck is packed full of hidden secrets from reveals in Madison's and Schneider's Court cards to the Angle-Z gaff card. Madison does have a tutorial on his YouTube channel showing you how to use his Angle-Z gaff card. 


The cards have been printed on premium bee stock and have been traditionally cut. From handling the deck myself, I consider it to perform exceptionally well. 


The green back design is beautiful, this green honestly hits a sweet spot like no other deck. The decks ace of spades in my eyes is truly iconic, mirroring the colour of the back design. The court cards are a Schneider Special as they have a blend of familiar faces such as David Blaine and a few friends of the pair. 

Must have Deck.